Sullivan is stepping up

New PR campaign showcasing what this county is all about

By: Patricio Robayo | Democrat Sullivan Steps Up is working to take county businesses to the next level.

SULLIVAN COUNTY – A video and photography crew are out exploring Sullivan County and helping to promote local businesses under the social media handle, “Sullivan Steps Up.”

Last year, a committee was formed by the Sullivan County Funding Corporation (SCFC), to work with the Sullivan County Partnership for Economic Development, to seek and enlist a public relations firm to develop a campaign for the county in order to help develop a workforce and to empower visitors and residents in the county.

After meeting with four p.r. firms, Momentum Communications Group, based out of Manhattan, N.Y. , was chosen. According to Marc Baez, President for the Partnership, Momentum, was chosen by the committee because of their professionalism in their presentation and offered a unique view way of approaching the project.

“They [Momentum] were very proactive with providing a solution to what we were asking for,” said Baez.

One key goal according to Account Executive from Momentum Communications Group, Geena Russo is to be a resource for businesses on their website, where owners can see what funding and tools are available for them.
“We want to share the expertise of local businesses,” said Russo. “It’s for Sullivan County by Sullivan County. We want to show people that you can do this here [the county]. She added that to maintain a consistent clientele and thrive they need to step their businesses up to the next level.

Nelly Diaz of Nelly’s Restaurant in Monticello said it was a pleasure working with Sullivan Steps Up and has already seen the impact it has made on her business. “It was a very good experience,” said Diaz. “People are coming in and telling me, ‘Hey I saw you on the app’, so it is good for business.”

According to Sullivan County Funding Corp Chairman, Ira Steingart, “I am excited. I think it will be helpful in continuing economic development in our area by letting the businesses know the opportunities they have at the college and the advancing tourism and other industries in the county.”

Moreover, Sullivan Steps Ups is looking to feature different types of businesses like Kenia Cerda of Monticello Beauty Supply who has been in business for 13 years. “They were very nice to work with them, it was pleasant to work with [Sullivan Steps Up],” said Cerda. “I believe this will be good for the county.”

Sullivan Steps Up’s goals are to help the county reach its full potential as a great place to live, work and play.
Sullivan Steps Up wants to celebrate the businesses that have overcome challenges and use those as examples for others to inspire them. The campaign also encourages the community to promote and support each other’s businesses. You can see all the work they have done at



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