Repeat customers have a lot of lifetime value for your business and can help you grow immensely. Keep reading to learn a few reasons why customer loyalty is so important to build.

1. They’ll keep coming back. You’ve gotten them to come in for the first time, now make sure they want to return. A welcoming environment and friendly service will go a long way with customers and convert them into customers for life.

2. They’ll Tell Their Friends. Loyal customers are often your BEST recruiting tool for new customers. We see 4,000-10,000 marketing messages a day – they can still work, but we often screen many of them out due to overload. We’re far more likely to listen to – and far less likely to screen out – a trusted friend that suggests, “we should check that place out”.

3. They’ll talk about you online. People use Social Media to talk about what matters to them. We feel pride when we talk about businesses that we believe in and feel good when we can connect a friend to someplace that will make their life better.

Social media – research shows that 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations over advertising or messages directly from brands. Think about it – how many times have you logged on to Facebook and seen a friend with a status seeking recommendations from their network for restaurants, home improvement and repair services, even the best place to get a cup of coffee in the area?

People are on guard around brands because they can’t ensure they’re trustworthy – after all, a brand’s top priority is typically making a service over forming friendships with all of their customers. By asking peers, they are getting those individuals’ personal experiences with various brands from a source they trust.

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