Small businesses ask their customers to buy local, but do they walk the walk? Just as it is important for customers to support local businesses, it is equally important for local businesses to support each other in their business to business purchases. Shopping local helps develop economies in local communities, as well as creates more job opportunities in those communities. So when promoting the “shop local” mission, don’t stop at consumers – bring that mindset to your community’s businesses, too.

  1. Lead by example

Becoming a leader in this B2B local movement, you will inspire other businesses in your community to follow suit. They will notice your efforts and how they resonate with customers and be motivated to do the same in hopes of impressing their customers as well. This chain reaction will set in motion a trend of supporting local businesses from customers and businesses alike.

  1. Make an economic impact

Shopping local helps boost the local economy! When businesses start supporting other local businesses, they are helping those around them sustain their business and thrive. This creates opportunities and creates more jobs in the community itself. It is a long-term decision; you may not see the positive results overnight, but when a business community is dedicated to spending within its own area over the long haul, good things happen! A loyal local business base will keep businesses strong through tough times.

  1. Develop a strong network

When members of a community work together, they are stronger and more successful than individual forces acting alone. It’s like the age-old expression, there’s strength in numbers. Once this practice is set in motion among multiple small businesses in a community, the mindset will stick with businesses and consumers alike. The community will be motivated to continue supporting its own in hopes of seeing their neighborhood flourish and develop. People want to take pride in what’s theirs, and supporting local businesses is a simple effort that can go a long way to do just that.

  1. Get noticed

By practicing what you preach, you show consumers that you’re dedicated to bettering the community. This will resonate with your customers and make them want to keep coming back and supporting your business.

So, small business owners, what will you do to step up and support your fellow local businesses? Take simple steps to incorporate this practice into your business and get ready to see long-lasting results.



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